MIWE roll-in e+ rack oven
  • Type: RI 1.0608-TXXL
  • for 60/80 trays
  • YOC 2017
  • suitable for rack trolleys up to 1.980 mm
  • external dimensions: 155 x 160 x 272 cm (W x D x H)
  • with oil burner
3 or 4 rows
incl. changing tools (blade and rollers)

fit for 240 kg bowls
Type: HE 52-933/1
carrying capacity: 550 kg
Type: thermo-roll
Year of construction: 2004
incl. thermo oil unit
For 60x80 trays
10 layers

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MIWE Condo deck oven
  • type: 4.1206-4E
  • electrical
  • control: Touch Control MIWE TC
  • with stone plates
  • electrical voltage: 400/230 V; 3/N/PE 50 Hz
  • with proofer, type 1206, suitable for 24 trays 60*30 cm
5 decks
with final proofer
automatic loader and unloader
oven belt: hinge plates
belt width: 2 m
belt length: 7 m
baking area: approx.. 70 m²year of construction 2005
control renewed in 2014

MIWE thermal oil tunnel oven thermo-rollomat

type: TR 7 D 200.6,0/5S-84 m²

year of construction 2000

total baking area: 84 m²

total power required thermal oil ca. 504 kW

number of baking chambers: 7

baking area each baking chamber: 12 m²

usable belt width: 2 m

external coating, doors, in- and output fronts, both long sides, view and maintance doors are complete made of  stainless steel


baking chambers:

special-hinge-plate-belt MIWE SPB with continuous flat baking surface without mesh belt

belt load up to 50 kg/m²

belt drive electric-mechanical

internal baking height: 200 mm


incl. thermal oil: flow temperature: 320°C

thermal oil baking chamber temperature up to 300°C

(note: thermal oil has been changed/renewed in 2013)

Heating and humidifaction by separate low pressure steam boiler

Incl.: LOOS low pressure steam boiler with

softening plant


incl. MIWE cantral heating boiler HKZ

heating boiler max. power: 350 kW

with ELCO burner for gas

without tank!

year of construction 2000 (2013 electrical partially renewed)


incl. MIWE docking station ADS

for proofing trolley size: 2,0x0,6x1,95 m (without trolleys)

incl.  safety device

year of construction 2000


incl. MIWE butler

belt width/m: 2,0

step length/m: 1,20

with SPS-control

with tilting device for buns

year of construction 2000

Wigth: 120cm
Heigth: 225
Length: 245cm

Capsule entry:
Wigth: 60cm
Heigth: 10cm
Type: TSA 800
Wigth: 130cm
Heigth: 245cm
Length: 240cm

Capsule entry: 
Wigth: 85cm
Heigth: 10cm
Type: WS5540 T-C INOX
Lenght: 260cm
Heigth: 165cm
Width: 90cm

Tunnel entry:
Width: 39cm
Heigth: 26cm